With reviews like “Not Bad”, “Meh”, and “I’d rather be listening to this than nothing at all”, Butter is a powerful force (in the cooking world).

“It’s all about the music, fun and friends, you know – bringing everyone together”, is what he would say if you asked him what motivates him. Shawn Kiehl, also known as (DJ)Butter is most likely to be spotted on the dance floors at most gigs. When he’s not slippin’ and slidin’ on the dance floor, he’ll be heatin’ it up with sounds smooth as Butter!

Shawn has been hooked on loud music his whole life, bouncing around between metal and dance music, basically anything with energy and a catchy sound. Sharing music has always been apart of his life, burning CDs for friends when that was a thing, grabbin aux cords in the car or at parties, and now DJing. House music for him brings a sense of community, and being sharpened by some of the best talents in Minneapolis he has no shortage of inspiration and guidance.