Dj E.dub

Eric Hammond aka Dj E.Dub, hails from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. He launched his Dj career in 1985 as supporter of Dj Jackmaster Rod at Screaming Wheels roller rink in Gary, Ind. Over the years, he began to sharpen his craft of mixing various genres of music. He has be dubbed “one of the most underrated Dj’s of his time”. He has served as Dj for various occasions. From dance teams to festivals, E.dub has provided millions of fans with everlasting impressions of his skills. E.dub pays homage to many Dj’s such as: Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Mike Dunn, Gene Hunt, Paul Johnson, Louie Vega, Andre Hatchett, Terry Hunter, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Fast Eddie, Dj Clent, Dj Deeon, Dj Slugo, Dj Lil Tal, Dj Greedy and a host of others.