DJ Speedy

Allen Speedy Jackson

Speedy, As he is popularly known to his peers and those in the ‘house community’ within the New York City and Northern New Jersey metropolitan areas has been DJing since 1984,His love for music started at a tender age of 4 after being introduced to music by his mother and grandfather, who often played jazz, disco and R&B within the home. Smiling, he remembers that at this young age he was fascinated by the spinning discs on the record player and the music that was created as a result. Even then, he attempted to put records on the turntable by himself so it wasn’t a surprise to family when he expressed an interest in becoming a DJ. As he grew, his interest in music also heightened and he focused his attention on the skills of DJing after watching Jimmy “DJ Bassx” Johnson spinning records in his basement in the early 80’s and battling DJ style against his long time friend and brother, Pookie (Vauxhall). It was, also, during this time that he strayed away from the more commercial music played on the radio and did not follow the direction of hip hop and rap that most young men in his community were following. It was the underground style of House music that became his passion and the genre of music that he would follow for years to come.

“The message in house music is pure. It communicates love and unity, which is something the ‘house community’ stands for” he states when asked the reason he choose to follow house music over any other genres of music. Adding that, “DJing gives me free reign to express what I feel ‘musically’ inside. Some people do this with their voice or an instrument; I choose to do it on turntables. Plus, I like making people feel good through the music I play. Maybe I help them escape from a hard day or provide the music to celebrate something good. All in all, it’s a rewarding feeling to be able to do this.”

Staying true to his passion and after many years of perfecting his DJing style, Speedy has been honored to work with phenomenal musical greats such as Eddie Nicholas, Dana Weaver and KT Brooks on his last un-released track before his passing titled “Dance My Life Away”. He has also played with talents such as John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Darryl James, Mr. V., Master Kev, Lou “Louie” Gorbea, Naeem Johnson, Unified Spirits, Cameron Da DJ, Karizma, Venus7, Lil Ray, Glen Thorton and Louie Vega to name a few. Spanning the globe, he has entertained many playing along with Phil Hooton (London). Speedy has also been a guest DJ at many clubs such as the legendary Zanzibar (NJ), Marlos (NJ), Sensations (NJ), Sapphire Lounge (NYC), Club 347 (Baltimore), Intense Sound (Baltimore), Philly Inner Circle and numerous other clubs in the NYC /Northern NJ metropolitan area. He has held DJ residency at Club Langstons (Brooklyn, NYC), and Elevations (Irvington, New Jersey). Presently, along with DJing, he has expanded his musical interest towards production and creates a style that is unique, modern and cutting-edge. As a producer, his tracks reflect abilities beyond reproach and can be listened to and purchased on Traxsource © on three different labels, Face The Bass Records, D# Sharp Records and Rapture Trax.

In his quest to bring house music to the forefront, Speedy continues to blaze a trail by giving back to the genre that continues to bring him so much enjoyment by previously owning and operating a major internet radio station, FACETHEBASSLIVE.COM. Through his determination, diligence, humility and his promise to Fred Johnson (Eklips), Face The Bass Live has been able to stay on the fore-front of internet radio. In 2014, Speedy founded and began, FACE THE BASS RECORDS, a recording label that features innovative, soulful and deep house rhythms, beat, remixes and new releases. Face The Bass Records