DJ Utopia

Utopia Jackson

A native New Yorker, promotional model and graphic artist turned DJ has earnestly learned the skill of blending, mixing and riding under her mentor, business partner and husband, DJ Speedy.

…“Music has always been in my soul”, she says growing up in a home where Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock and Salsa was always played. “and, dancing” she adds smiling, “has always been in my heart.” Therefore, ‘blending’ these two passions has brought her to this day where she has learned to bring the same level of enjoyment received from music to those hearing her play. Her next step on this musical journey will be learning production work.

Born and raised in the South Bronx (NYC), utopia presently residing in Baltimore, MD, with her husband, Speedy. She has never abandoned her New York City roots or the significant impact it made on the genre she loves, “house music”. Rewinding back in time, utopia was fortunate to meet, hear and dance to such phenomenal and famous DJs like, Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Tee Scott, Larry Paterson, Kenny Carpenter, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Merlin Bob, David Morales, John “Jellybean’ Benetiz, and so many more. And, as a regular core member of the legendary Paradise Garage and Loft, she saw first-hand how a DJ can mesmerize and ‘werk’ a crowd. As a dancer, she not only saw, but experienced the importance of a DJ keeping their thumb on the pulse of their audience while also, paying attention to the selection, tempo and vibe being delivered. So even back then, the ‘skillful art’ of DJing, such as riding the pitch on two different tracks playing simultaneously has always fascinated her and sparked her desire to one day learn.

Fast forwarding to the present, she continues to listens to other DJs whom she likes such as Karizma, DJ Speedy, Kerri Chandler, Thommy Davis, Joe Claussel, Louie Vega and a few others, and takes note of the way they deliver musical messages to their listeners. In her opinion, “all music is the same regardless of who has it, anyone can download music…but it’s the delivery that’s important – it is the message in the music and how your audience responds to that message.” And, she adds  “my dream is to deliver music in a way that is understood while ‘werking’ the dancer in the way, i have been werked.”

The stars aligned, and utopia has had the opportunity to DJ at several of the Coney Island Dancers (CID) summer parties on the Coney Island Boardwalk (Brooklyn, NYC), FTB’s “Celebration of Life Party” at Crave Lounge (Brooklyn, NYC), “Salsa meets House” party at the Coffee Cave (Newark, NJ), FTB’s “Life Is Something Special” party at the Coffee Cave, HamptonRoads HouseHeadz’ “Makossa” party in Virginia Beach, VA, Black Arts Festival (Denver, CO), Music Moves My Soul, (Union, NJ), “Release” in Charlotte, NC and several other notable parties and park events in the Washington DC tri-state area. She has also had the wonderful opportunity of djing along side, notable names as John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez and Venus 7 at Club 347 (Baltimore, MD) and with Karizma at SkyLoft (Baltimore, MD). utopia has also played alongside Joey Llanos, one of the DJs at the legendary Paradise Garage (NYC) and on numerous occasions with her mentor and partner, DJ Speedy under the moniker, Speedtopia since their inception in 2013. In 2015, “Speedtopia” was featured on Audio Infusion / WEAA 88.9FM and she alone during the “Female DJ Month” (Baltimore, MD).

utopia is also the Founder and CEO of Indigo Graphics & Design, the Chief Operating Officer and Web Designer of Face The Bass Records and holds the title of President of Administration and Finance for Face The Bass Productions. In June of 2011, she had the opportunity to have a key role in organizing, with a few others, the 1st”House Music Family & Community Unity Festival” in Weequahic Park, New Jersey. She explains that her driving force behind her dedication for “house music” in all these years has been her unending love and passion for the music and its subculture of “househeadz”.

When utopia is not playing music, she spends her free time designing and creating websites, doing graphic designs and playing with her indoor cats, indigo, peedy, gigi, onyx and her outside foster cats, tabitha, snowy, snoopy, cotton, scully and smokey. And, if this isn’t enough, she also donates her time and energy to BARCS Animal Shelter (Baltimore, MD) and also, does promotional modeling from time to time.