Mr Latin House

Born on the west side of Chicago, I remember growing up in the Pilsen /Little Village area, I wanted to be a DJ. Back in the days at Marshall Square, General Wood & Little Village Boys Club when The Battle of the DJs was hot and 90.5 FM WCYC was heard on every radio and car stereo. I have been in/out, left and returned the DJ game and few times. For over 20 years, I wondered can I be mentioned as the best DJ or just good enough to please those who love House Music.

I would like to thank my backbone, my life, my wife, Valerie for being my air, my love, my best friend, my greatest accomplishment. She is my legs beneath me. Without her, I could not have taken those steps back towards music. I love her and would do anything for her. To my children who have been very supportive in my life. You are my blessing and I love you dearly. To my friends and fellow DJs: You have been there through the highs and lows of my life. I thank you for everything you have done to help me in my journey.

Today I am the host of an internet radio station show on Chitown House Radio. I have been doing internet radio for about 8 years. My goal for internet radio is to showcase Chicago’s best DJs. My intentions for the show are great. Without the listeners and supporters, there would be no show. I thank you and hope to continue my success with my co-host. The spotlight and the road ahead are bright and wide open. I would like to thank everyone who has a part in my life and my success. I will continue my best to make it one of the best shows, because “Without House Music, Life Would Be a Mistake”.