Samma Lone

Samma Lone ‘My Feelings’ on Uptown Boogie, was just recognized as the #1 selling Nu Disco track of 2018, and the #4 most popular release of the year. As well, it landed the #72 position in the Overall Top 200 Tracks chart, #133 in the Overall Top 200 Singles chart, and was personally charted by 35 of the world’s most amazing DJs.

Samma Lone walks away as the #29 Nu Disco Artist of 2018, making that 5 years in-a-row that he has been noted as a Top 50 artist, or better.

Dead set on giving new life to Disco’s lost obscurities, and Soft Rock’s Yacht’iest Anthems, Samma Lone makes what was once not all too danceable, danceable. Whether it is recreating the bass lines using heavier, more current synth sounds, or spending hours trying to emulate the original drum kit, Sam is most concerned with modernizing these songs. In a lot of the cases, using only the acapella. He has been rewarded over a dozen #1’s and countless Top 10’s, ultimately reaching #1 Overall status twice. Each time with one of these “re-visits”.

With 30 years behind the decks, and over 25 in the studio, Sam (known to many as Lil’Steven) has amassed many loyalists, and strong supporters of his music.