Sari Postol

Saint Louis-based Sari Postol is very quickly earning a reputation for delivering hard-hitting, no-nonsense DJ sets across a variety of genres. Techno, electro, dark psytrance, hardcore, neurofunk, tech step and jungle are just a few of the tools in the arsenal Sari deploys to devastating effect. Since her first set in 2016, Sari has played multiple local events and has had the privilege of providing direct support for international headliners, in addition to playing in several cities across the Midwest including Chicago, Columbus, Des Moines, Ft. Wayne, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Detroit. In 2019, Sari had the privilege of playing on the main stage at the 25th Anniversary of Drop Bass Network’s Even Furthur Festival, held in Wisconsin, USA. While maintaining a busy tour schedule, Sari has featured on several prominent podcasts and radio shows, leading to the launch of her own show, ‘The Casimir Effect’, for London-based Fnoob Techno Radio. Major influences shaping Sari’s sound and style include Galaxian, Doormouse, Antenes, Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, Goldie, Mob Tactics & Tech Itch. While the Covid19 pandemic has put a halt to travel and shows, Sari has been busy in the studio learning the ropes of production and the art of building and shaping live hardware sets. Sari looks forward to releasing original music and the launch of her new psybient bass project, Psybienaural Nostradama, in the months to come.