Hailing from the Shoreline of Connecticut, Sloedwn began making his mark in Electronic music over a decade ago. Starting off as a young avid fan and even longer musician, he began by helping start up one of the biggest production companies in the New Haven area. While working for the company, already having his foot in the door with live gig opportunities, he began DJing and Producing many forms of Electronic music. But in the Winter of 2012, he found his ultimate calling, House & Techno. From that point on, he began working himself to the core, playing any gig he could, making an amazing monthly mix series (that still goes til this very day), and meeting all the right people. In the Summer of 2019, he was asked by long time friend and label owner, DigitalDavy, to not only join Down Dirty Dirty Records, but help him run the label. In July of that year, the two also joined forces and formed DIGIDWN, an unstoppable force in House, Techno, and Disco, gaining popularity mega fast and wowing audiences almost immediately after forming. There is absolutely no end in sight for Sloedwn, DownRightDirty Recs, or DIGIDWN anywhere in the near, or far future.