WYSER of Custom Vibes Chicago has earned his mark on the local underground electronic scene having risen up from the punk rock and indie cultured roots. Playing instruments in bands and studio productions, his blend of electronic robot rock is a sound like none other! Forging and producing a mean sound-scape with REDUX, teamed up alongside DJCT, they have been collaborating on events varying all across the board of a/v art, fashion, imagery and design. They stay true to their roots in reviving a pleasure filled aesthetic only they can achieve; to get the pleasure of getting any crowd moving to the beat!

WYSER has been at the forefront of the Chicago house, disco and electro scenes since 2006 and in early 2010 the REDUX duo has blazed through Chicago’s underground as well as some of the top clubs in the city.

REDUX has established themselves as a tag team duo with any genre under their belt. They hold residencies and guest DJ spots all around Chicago including Replay Arcade Boystown, Blender at Berlin, and Disco at Celeste, to name a few.